February 15, 2012

"The Digital Age Meets the Constitution: Implications of U.S. v. Jones"

Shapiro Sher partner Matthew A.S. Esworthy was one of five featured speakers at a webinar hosted by Bloomberg BNA focusing on the Jones case, which marked the most important consideration of electronic information in criminal actions by the U.S. Supreme Court to date.

Other speakers include Hon. John M. Facciola, U.S. District Judge for the District of Columbia; Professor Orin S. Kerr, of George Washington University Law School; Kenneth J. Withers, of The Sedona Conference; and Ronald J. Hedges, of Ronald J. Hedges LLC and Of Counsel at Corodemus & Corodemus. Mr. Hedges served as moderator.

Program highlights include:

  • how Jones might impact the decision to secure a search warrant in the future;
  • how the concept of trespass to property recognized by Justice Scalia might apply to other forms of electronic surveillance under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments;
  • how courts or legislatures might deal with the warrant requirement addressed in Jones;
  • and how much guidance Jones gives to law enforcement officers in the surveillance area.