Every employer, no matter its size, must contend with state and federal workplace laws and regulations. Our employment law team works to help companies meet their many obligations while maintaining productive, harmonious work environments. Whether your business has hundreds of employees or only a few, Shapiro Sher's knowledgeable and experienced employment lawyers are prepared to assist at a moment’s notice.

We serve as outside counsel to small, mid-size, and large businesses. Our clients turn to us not only during times of crisis, but also for day-to-day counsel regarding new developments in state and federal law and general human resource policies. Co-chaired by Eric R. Harlan and Renée Lane-Kunz, a former human resource executive, our employment practice group shares each client’s interest in establishing workplaces that advance the client’s overall business goals. We help companies apply the protocols and procedures that mitigate the risk of troublesome inquiries, allegations, and litigation.

Our relationship with clients is proactive: we believe that most employment law problems can be avoided with proper policies in place. For that reason, we often meet with clients and their management teams early on to discuss everything from background checks of potential candidates to the handling of complaints brought by employees. We then help put into place the preventative measures and protocols that are conducive to a smoothly operating workplace.

Our employment law group advises companies on a range of subjects, including:

  • Recruiting and hiring practices;
  • Employee Handbooks;
  • Employment discrimination;
  • Employment, separation, and severance agreements;
  • Wage-and-hour disputes;
  • Sexual harassment;
  • Retaliation;
  • Terminations, including wrongful termination claims;
  • Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements;
  • Independent contractors;
  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act;
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act;
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act; and
  • Other federal and state laws and regulations affecting employers.

We also defend companies before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights. When investigations do occur, we strategize with clients to ensure that these matters are addressed swiftly and efficiently.

Though our emphasis is on avoiding litigation, we know that sometimes litigation is inevitable. In these instances, Shapiro Sher’s team of experienced employment litigators is prepared to defend clients facing lawsuits brought by individuals as well as by the EEOC and other regulatory agencies. We handle all forms of employment litigation, including actions to enforce non-competition or non-solicitation agreements, claims alleging breach of employment agreement, breach of fiduciary duty, wrongful discharge, sexual harassment, or violations of federal and state anti-discrimination laws.